30 Jun

I met someone the other day who had been asked to describe Exmoor in just a few words. 

We agreed that the overwhelmingly wonderful sense of space summed it up. Big open space. 

That conversation turned my thoughts to all the pressure there is at the moment to define ourselves in terms of our personal space, within our own four walls and within the restrictions of all the new social boundaries. 

Finding a sense of space gives an anchor to that delicate balancing act. It puts one hundred and one sensitivities into perspective. It gives you time to think or to switch off. The very best thing is that it is all around us and it's free! 

You can find space in an early morning playing field when no-one else is there. You can find space by pausing in a gateway and taking a deep breath. You can find space by looking up at the sky as it drifts by. You can find space by looking out to sea...or by taking the plunge! You can find space by heading for the hills. 

Wherever you head, it's headspace that you'll find.

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